International Relations Statement

Chapter 1: General Regulations

International Relations Office of the Legal Entity of Public Law Gori Teaching University (later Office) presents university’s structural unit.

Office provides its activities according to the Georgian Constitution, Georgian International contracts and agreements, legislative acts, under legislative normative acts, university’s statement, administration and previous regulation.

Office is accountable to the rector and head of administration of the university. Office does all the duties provided by the rector and head of administration according to the law.

Chapter 2: IRO’s Main Objectives and Directions

1. Make relations with foreign universities, teaching-scientific centers, educational, cultural and other organizations to improve university activities;
2. Contribute students, academic and administrative staff’s mobility;
3. Present prior exchange programs and agreements with foreign universities;
4. Collect students’ exchange program applications;
5. Maintain foreign students and scientists’ integration into the university life;
6. Get introduced to the grant materials published by government, regional and local self-government organs;
7. Spread the International relations proposals at the regional, national and international level;
8. Facilitate University staff to improve skills for establishing international relations;
9. Analyze information connected to the International issues, work on the University foreign policy;
10. Take part in working out the University strategic plans;
11. Make contacts with the International organizations and scientific funds;
12. Involve students and university staff in the International educational and scientific projects;
13. Organize contract registration with foreign higher education institutions;
14. Give consultations to university staff while participating in grant competitions;
15. Facilitate students and representatives’ mobility to foreign organizations universities, on the basis of contracts of partnership;
16. Organize meetings and activities of received foreign students, professors, teachers and scientists’ on the basis of bilateral contracts with partner universities;
17. Collaborate with foreign organizations in Georgia: embassies, funds and information centers;
18. Gain and administer grants;
19. Facilitate students, professors and teachers’ business trips in the frames of contracts;
20. Give recommendations to the university students to continue their studies abroad;
21. Involve and participate the university in the research projects at the international and local levels;
22. Join the International educational and research networks;
23. Facilitate the internationalization process of the university.

Article 3. IRO Structure and Management

1. Office is led by the Office Manager who is appointed and relieved by the head of administration together with the rector;
2. Office staff may be consisted by office specialist/specialists or/and chief specialist/specialists;
3. Head of service:
a) Plans Office activities, ensures Office activity style and methods, takes care of work environment, facilitates specialists’ professional growth;
b) Shares responsibilities among staff, gives them instructions and orders;
c) Ensures legality and confidentiality of the Office activities according to the law;
d) Ensures internal correspondence (appeal, report, letter of explanation) in the frames of the Office competences;
e) Introduces monthly report and future plans to the rector and head of administration;
f) Is accountable to the rector and head of administration and provides their orders;
g) Realizes other functions according to the Georgian Constitution, the International contracts and agreements of Georgia, legislative acts, legislative normative acts, University Regulations, the presented and Administration Regulations.

Article 4. Rule of Alternations and Additions in the Regulations

Alternations and additions in the regulations are made by the Representative Board.