internationalization policy



This document describes the general directions of the internationalization policy of Gori State Teaching University (hereinafter-the University).
In accordance with its mission and strategy, the University promotes the international cooperation of the educational institution and the process of internationalization.

2. Objectives of the University's internationalization Strategy.

The goals of the University's internationalization strategy are:

  • Supporting international mobility of students and staff;
  • Joint conferences, programs / projects, etc. in cooperation with foreign educational institutions. Development / implementation of measures;
  • Supporting the participation of students and staff in international research;
  • Attracting foreign students and staff.

3. Mechanisms of international cooperation and internationalization.

To achieve the goals set by the University's internationalization policy, the University has developed mechanisms for international cooperation and internationalization:

  • Student / staff exchange programs / projects implemented with the support of international foundations;
  • Bilateral partnership relations with foreign educational institutions;
  • Integration of students and staff in international vocational / sectoral and educational networks;
  • Development and implementation of English language educational programs (including joint) / modules / training courses;
  • Organizing international conferences;
  • Collaborate with local and international intermediary companies to attract foreign students and staff;
  • Promoting the involvement of staff and students in international educational and research activities, as well as in other activities;
  • Ensure unimpeded access for students and staff to international electronic library databases;
  • Supporting student participation in international distance learning programs.

4. Evaluate the effectiveness of internationalization mechanisms.

  • The evaluation of the effectiveness of internationalization mechanisms is carried out once every two years by the University Quality Assurance Service and provides:
  • Annual reports on the implementation of international cooperation and internationalization activities / activities under the University Action Plan provided by the University's Action Plan during the reporting period;
  • Annual reports of the University Strategic Development Council on the implementation of the Action Plan;
  • The effectiveness of spending the financial resources allocated from the University budget for the implementation of activities / activities defined by the Action Plan to promote internationalization during the reporting period;
  • Results of staff and student surveys on internationalization issues;

5. Concluding part.

  • The Quality Assurance Service submits the results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of international cooperation and internationalization mechanisms to the University Academic Council;
  • The results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of international cooperation and internationalization mechanisms are used to refine and improve the mechanisms of internationalization.