History of the University


Legal Entity of Public Law – Gori State Teaching University is a significant center for education and science in Shida Kartli. It was established as a result of merging two higher education institutions, LEPL - Gori State University and LEPL -Tskhinvali State University (Government Resolution #176, August 22, 2007).
The state universities of Gori and Tskhinvali have a rich history. Caucasus teaching seminary opened in Gori on 12th September of 1876.
In August of 1935 it was opened as a two-year teaching institute, being afterward in 1939 re-established as Gori State Pedagogical Institute with a four-year study program. The Institute was given the name of N. Baratashvili, a great Georgian poet. In 1985, as a result of reorganization of Gori N. Baratashvili State Pedagogical Institute, it was established as Gori State Economic Institute, and renamed again in 1997 as Gori State Economic-Humanitarian Institute. On 16th July of 1999, the mentioned institution received university status.

Tskhinvali State Pedagogic Institute was established in 1932 with one faculty: agro-biologic. In the following years new faculties were added. Gradually it grew into educational, scientific and cultural center. Since its foundation the institute had assured support from Georgian scientists.
After the Georgian-Ossetian conflict of 1991, Tskhinvali State Pedagogic Institute continued functioning in the city of Gori. Despite poor logistics, the institute personnel kept the appropriate level of teaching standards. On 16th June of 2000 Tskhinvali State Pedagogical Institute received university status.
In August 22, 2007, in accordance with the resolution N 176, made by Georgian Government , two universities were united as LEPL-Gori University . by the resolution N247, received by the government on August 20, 2010, university was named as Gori Teaching University. .
By Georgian Government resolution # 458, December 1, 2011, Legal Entity of Public Law - Gori University was reorganized into Non Profit Legal Entity - Gori Teaching University.
By the resolution #230 25.06.2012, made by Georgian Government, University's name was changed and formed as “Gori State Teaching University”.